Christine Mager Wevik

Christine is an award-winning author of four books, including "It's Only Hair." Her newest release, "Someone Knows," is a nonfiction book detailing many of South Dakota's cold cases, with the goal of bringing much-needed needed attention to them. Christine's awards include Silver Falchion Best Book of the Year – Winner; Silver Falchion Best Book of the Year, 2021; Bronze IPPY Award – Winner and many others.

Vacant Eyes by Christine Mager Wevik
Borrowed Memories by Christine Mager Wevik

What if the memories you began to see didn’t belong to you!

Brynn sees memories. The problem is, they’re not hers. They’re borrowed from old, abandoned houses.

Brynn is a young mother, wife, and artist struggling to elude the reality of her own unsolved abduction and assault – events so physically traumatic she cannot remember them – and haunted by the years-old disappearance of her friend.

There was always something unsettling about empty buildings but more so now...

Brynn cherished her quiet but full life as a South Dakota farmwife, mom, and artist before she was abducted, brutally assaulted, and left for dead. Though Brynn’s memories of her own unsolved assault remain elusive, the resulting trauma has left her with the eerie ability to see memories buried deep within the walls of old, abandoned buildings.

Someone Knows...Is it you? Are you the key to solving one of these heartbreaking cases?

We don’t know what we know. The mention of a name, a distinct scent unearthing a memory long buried, a shared reminiscence with someone who reveals that tiny detail you’d forgotten—these are the things that spark our recollections. The sharing of a seemingly insignificant detail locked in our episodic memory could trigger a landslide of leads for investigators.

Written by a true Alopecian, this book offers a personal, insightful, uplifting, and brazenly honest approach to coping with Shiny Head Syndrome: humor.

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