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There was always something unsettling about empty buildings, but more so now...

Brynn cherished her quiet but full life as a South Dakota farmwife, mom, and artist before she was abducted, brutally assaulted, and left for dead. Though Brynn’s memories of her own unsolved assault remain elusive, the resulting trauma has left her with the eerie ability to see memories buried deep within the walls of old, abandoned buildings.

In her fervent search for her attackers, Brynn’s newfound gift has proved useful, also helping solve a 16-year-old mystery involving Brynn’s best friend. It’s also piqued the interest of the local sheriff, who’s asked Brynn to work with him on other local cold cases.

As a consultant to Sheriff Raske’s task force, Brynn delves into the heartbreaking and grim unsolved crimes of her community, her own haunting case among them. Brynn learns that small town secrets are often intertwined, and now, caught in the web, she discovers too late that someone wants her off the case. But which case? And how far will they go?

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Borrowed Memories by Christine Mager Wevik
Vacant Eyes by Christine Mager Wevik

What if the memories you began to see didn't belong to you!

Brynn sees memories. The problem is, they’re not hers. They’re borrowed from old, abandoned houses. 

Brynn is a young mother, wife, and artist struggling to elude the reality of her own unsolved abduction and assault – events so physically traumatic she cannot remember them – and haunted by the years-old disappearance of her friend. When she discovers her eerie ability to glean memories locked deep within the walls of old houses, she’s confronted with the chilling possibility that the two cases are related, and the person responsible could be someone she knows. Or loves. Her gift, along with the help of an unexpected confidant, will bring her face to face with both mysteries. She’ll soon realize that some memories may be better off unremembered.

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Written by a true Alopecian, this book offers a personal, insightful, uplifting, and brazenly honest approach to coping with Shiny Head Syndrome: humor.

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