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SD Multiple Author Book Signing!

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SD Multiple Author Book Signing!

SD Authors featured in a Multiple Author Book Signing Event

This is going to be FABulous!!! Don’t miss this event, folks! Come meet local SD authors Elise Parsley, Loretta Sorensen, Brenda Donelan, Randy Tramp, Marilyn Kratz, Paula Bosco Damon, and myself.

Next Saturday, June 17th, 10 am! Here’s the details!

Beresford Public Library and Beresford Area Arts Council are proud and excited to host a multiple author book signing on June 17th during Beresford’a annual Wheels and Squeals event.

The book signings will feature widely renown authors, such as Elise Parsley, author of Magnolia series “If you ever want to bring an alligator to schooL, DON’T,” and other wonderful children’s books.

Loretta Sorensen, co-author of Kernels of Corn History, a brief history of 18 Iowa corn companies, corn farming implements, and the world’s only corn museum.

Brenda Donelan, author of The University Mystery Series, Holiday Homicide, Day of the Dead, Murder of Go, Art of Deception. 

Randy Tramp author of Night of Knight, a suspense novel.

Christine Mager Wevik, author of It’s Only Hair.

Marilyn Kratz author of Umpire in a Skirt, Feedback Dresses and Wild Plum Jam, Quilst and Country Gardens, WNAX 570 Radio, 1922-2007.

Paula Damon, award winning columnist and poet.

Readers will delight in the variety of books and authors. Author presentations will start at 10 am in the Beresford Public Library community room, and afterward, authors will sign copies of their books until noon. Bring friends and meet these wonderful SD authors!

SD Multiple Author Book Signing