Someone Knows

Someone Knows…

Is it you?

Are you the key to solving one of these heartbreaking cases?

We don’t know what we know. The mention of a name, a distinct scent unearthing a memory long buried, a shared reminiscence with someone who reveals that tiny detail you’d forgotten—these are the things that spark our recollections. The sharing of a seemingly insignificant detail locked in our episodic memory could trigger a landslide of leads for investigators.

According to a 2019 publication on the Office of Justice Program website (, 250,000 murders in the U.S. remain on the books as unsolved. With a clearance rate hovering just below 60% each year in homicides, much less in those of minorities, the odds of solving these crimes diminish. A&E’s Cold Case Files states that less than 1% of cold cases ever get solved.

This book highlights 52 of the more than 150 possible unsolved deaths and disappearances in South Dakota in the hopes that they might garner some much-needed attention, perhaps some leads.

Someone knows. Maybe it’s you.


Thank you!
I am so grateful for the opportunity to share this review. My daughter was featured in this book. The diligence of the author is outstanding. The compassion, patience and kindness that she has shown has truly touched my heart. Wonderful book and a must read!
by Amazon Customer on Amazon August 30, 2022
Great read!
I loved the fact that she included cases from indigenous peoples from the reservations. There are so many cold cases that stem from those areas, that don’t get enough attention.
by Amanda F on Amazon September 2, 2022
She is a blessing
My brother is in this book and it’s important to keep his story out there
by Colton on Amazon August 17, 2022
Excellent read!
This book features my missing daughter Serenity among other missing people. Chris not only provides truthful information leading up to the disappearances, but also includes a beautiful tribute for each person. Highly, highly recommend this to everyone! It could potentially bring a missing person’s family closure!!
by Darcie Dennard on Amazon July 23, 2022


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