Vacant Eyes 

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What if the memories you began to see didn't belong to you!

Brynn sees memories. The problem is, they’re not hers. They’re borrowed from old, abandoned houses. 

Brynn is a young mother, wife, and artist struggling to elude the reality of her own unsolved abduction and assault – events so physically traumatic she cannot remember them – and haunted by the years-old disappearance of her friend. When she discovers her eerie ability to glean memories locked deep within the walls of old houses, she’s confronted with the chilling possibility that the two cases are related, and the person responsible could be someone she knows. Or loves. Her gift, along with the help of an unexpected confidant, will bring her face to face with both mysteries. She’ll soon realize that some memories may be better off unremembered.

Vacant Eyes by Christine Mager Wevik

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